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We are pleased to be hosting our first ever Wood & Vine Mixology Competition! Sponsored by Belvedere and Hennessey, and with special thanks to K&L Wine Merchants, this contest is open to every muddler and shaker in Los Angeles. 


  • Final contestants will send a list of spirits, vermouths, and liqueurs they wish to use. These will be provided alongisde base liquors.

  • Fresh lime juice, fresh lemon juice, orange juice, cranberry juice, grapefruit juice, olive juice, fresh strawberry syrup, maple syrup, simple syrup, agave nectar syrup, and honey simple syrup will be provided.

  • Homemade ingredients must be brought with you in enough quantity to furnish five servings each round.

  • Ice, mixing glasses, shakers, bar spoons, strainers, sifter strainers, muddler, towels, garnish spears, collins glasses, 4-ounce coupes, rocks glasses, and red and white wine glasses will be provided. Anything else is BYO!


  • Each round will be judged on Originality, Taste, and Presentation.

  • Round One will be judged by Wood & Vine and K & L Wine Merchants management teams.

  • Round Two will be judged on social media, with W&V and K&L discretion.

  • Round Three will be judged by five celebrity guests – on-site at the live event.

  • The Final Round has 45 total possible points. Earlier rounds consist of 15 points, with 5 points available for each category: Originality, Taste, Presentation.


  • Recipes must be easily replicated and feature either a Belevedere OR Hennessey product as the base spirit.

  • Bartenders may layer and split spirits as they see fit.

  • No more than 5 ingredients (excluding garnish) per recipe.

  • Homemade ingredients are welcome, but must be easily replicated.

  • Competition is open to ANY bartender currently working in the bar, restaurant or spirits industry

  • If chosen, you will be required to be present on Sunday, October 29, 2017, for final judging at Wood & Vine, located at 6280 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028

  • Recipe submissions shall be original creations.

  • Recipes shall be expressed in ounces, drops, or dashes and be scaled for a single serving.

  • You can use more than one spirit in your cocktail (but you MUST use Belvedere or Hennessey as the base).

  • Recipe must include a detailed description of the garnish if there is one.

  • All ingredients utilized should be expected to be available to most bars or easily acquired/made.

  • All ingredients should be available year-round, so nothing too seasonal. And all ingredients should be obtainable — or should be able to be made from scratch — without undue difficulty or expense anywhere within the continental US.

  • Cocktails made with inappropriate ingredients will be disqualified with determination of what constitutes an inappropriate ingredient up to the discretion of the staff of Wood & Vine and the judging committee.

  • Any information or photos you provide can be used at the discretion of Wood & Vine or K&L Wine Merchants for marketing and media purposes.

  • By entering, you agree to these rules and regulations .



Send ONE cocktail recipe with Belvedere or Hennessey as the base spirit, a photo of the cocktail entry (with garnish), your name, current bar/restaurant affiliation, and reliable contact information to: Please make the subject of the email “W&V Mixology Competition Entry”. The deadline to submit your recipe is SEPTEMBER 15, 2017!


Those selected to proceed in the competition will either send a second original cocktail recipe or guest bartend at Wood & Vine on a night to be determined by management.


Fifteen final qualifiers will be required to be present during a three-round live competition at Wood & Vine. Round 1 consists of a Belvedere base, Round 2 is a Hennessey base, and Round 3 features a mystery base ingredient made available ton contestants the day of the competition.


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